Gospel Against AIDS/Global Research Education and Training Networks Program Descriptions

An exhaustive list of services and programs offered by GAA. To request any of these services please contact us. We look forward to partnering with you or your house of worship 


Statewide HIV/AIDS Preventive Educational Anti-Stigma Capacity Development for Religious Leaders

Using a curriculum created by theologians, infectious disease specialist and persons living with HIV/AIDS, GAA/GREATNES provides preventive educational, capacity development and anti-stigma training sessions for religious leaders throughout the state of Michigan.  Since its inception in 1999, GAA/GREATNES provides these single session trainings to more than 200 religious leaders annually statewide.  The curriculum has been translated into 7 languages and replicated in as many countries.


YAAHWAY (Youth Abstaining According to His Way) HIV/AIDS and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) prevention peer lead training program for youth. YAAHWAY provides peer lead prevention based training sessions for at-risk youth from 12 years to 18 years of age and youth ministry leaders within and outside communities of faith. While focusing on abstinence, their non-judgmental approach meets young people where they are.  YAAHWAY facilitates discussion sessions focusing on sex, peer pressure, and sexually transmitted infections for parents and adult caregivers to assisting them in developing and implementing strategies that strengthen lines of communication between them and young adults.


HIV/AIDS Prevention and Capacity Development Training for Religious Leaders who Provide Care and Services to High Risk Heterosexual Women

Under the direction of the spiritual advisory and education departments, GAA/GREATNES provides HIV/AIDS prevention and capacity development training sessions to staff and clients at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (Genesis House I, II and III), Coalition on Temporary Housing (COTS) and Peggy’s Place.  These organizations provide transitional housing services for men, women, and children.


Transitional/End of Life Care and Counseling

Through collaborations with Pastoral Care Ministries and Hospice agencies, GAA/GREATNES provides AIDS 101 and Capacity Training Sessions to Religious Leaders in the aforementioned ministries equipping them to provide spiritual and medical support to families whose loved one is transitioning from AIDS related illnesses.


GAA/GREATNES International (Prevention and Capacity Development Training)

Through collaborations with faith-based organizations in the US, Canada, Europe (London, England), Africa (Ghana, Tanzania), Central America (Costa Rica), local, statewide, national and international missionary and evangelism ministries, GAA/GREATNES trains and supports community and religious leaders to develop chapters of GAA/GREATNES in their regions. 


GAA/GREATNES – Veterans Prevention and Capacity Development Training

Under the direction of the HIV/AIDS Social Work Department and Spiritual Advisors, GAA/GREATNES provides training sessions and facilitates awareness raising activities for returning veterans who are HIV positive and their families at, inclusive of but not exclusive, John Dingell Veterans Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.


Hispanic/Latino/Latina Targeted Religious Leaders Training

GAA/GREATNES provides training sessions in English and Spanish for naturalized US citizens from Spanish speaking countries.  These sessions have been held at the Consulate of Mexico and Hispanic/Latino houses of worship.  These sessions, sensitive to the variations of translations and cultural nuisances, target religious leaders, congregation members, individuals and their families residing in the United States.


HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention and Capacity Development Training “The White Stone Project” for Incarcerated Men

Through collaborations with the National Lifers Association, the Nation of Islam and NAACP Prison Branches, GAA/GREATNES provides Capacity Development Training Sessions for high risk incarcerated men and staff at Federal and State correctional facilities. Using a train the trainer concept, inmates are provided the tools to create and implement a chapter of GAA in their facility to train others.


Ecumenical Theological Seminary (ETS), Statewide HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention and Capacity Development Training

Through collaborations with the aforementioned organizations, GAA/GREATNES provides Capacity Development Training Sessions for religious leaders and seminarians of all denominations.


Strategic Planning and Outreach for the Development of HIV/AIDS Ministries

GAA/GREATNES provides technical assistance to ministry leaders in churches, faith-based organizations, and institutions to assist them in developing and implementing long and short term prevention plans to outreach to communities within and outside of their faith traditions. 


Moving Forward by F.A.I.T.H.

Focused Action Inter-denominationally Towards HIV testing

GAA/GREATNES’ initiative provides HIV CTR (Counseling, Testing and Referrals) to GAA/GREATNES targeted communities of faith.  With the incorporation of its mobile unit, GAA/GREATNES can provide HIV testing in high prevalence areas throughout the city of Detroit.


Support Group Start and Facilitation

GAA/GREATNES trainers and presenters assist church ministries, clinics and hospitals in the planning and implementation of support groups for those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.