With faith-based organizations in the US, Canada, Europe (London, England), Africa (Ghana, Tanzania), Central America (Costa Rica), local, statewide, national and international missionary and evangelism ministries, GAA/GREATNES trains and supports community and religious leaders to develop chapters of GAA/GREATNES in their regions

Faithful to our capacity development roots, GAA/GREATNES provides religious leaders and their congregations with a three phase training curriculum that includes: the basics of HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention, our Anti Stigma training, and training in the process of HIV rapid testing and counseling. Our goal is to empower houses of worship to become a part of our F.A.I.T.H (Focused Action Inter-denominationally Towards HIV testing) global network. 


International Exchange Program

Unique in its concept, GAA/GREATNES not only provides the opportunity for religious leaders from other countries access to our prevention and intervention efforts but equally as important, GAA/GREATNES provides the opportunity for religious leaders, health care providers, and interns the opportunity to have a global experience working directly with their peers in other countries on HIV/AIDS prevention. Through this exchange they learn from indigenous people about the richness of their culture and society. These relationships have proven to be long lasting and not only solidify but expand GAA/GREATNES’ global network.

Through our Global Initiative, GAA/GREATNES has and continues to train well over 200 religious leaders annually from England, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Korea, Vietnam and China. These trainings have and continue to take place in collaboration with University of Michigan; School of Social Work, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing, Lawrence Technological University International Business and Entreprenurialship, University of Indiana; Public Health, and the University of Windsor HIV/AIDS Department.

GAA/GREATNES Global Initiative network reaching beyond houses of worship to encompass, public, private and parochial schools, correctional facilities, colleges and universities, shelters, governments and governmental agencies, hospitals and clinics.


If you are interested in becoming a part of our global network, contact us.