HIV Prevention Education and Capacity Development Training

Training for Religious Leaders

Under the direction of the spiritual advisory and education departments, GAA/ GREATNES provides HIV/AIDS prevention and capacity development training sessions 
to staff and clients of community based organizations such as, Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (Genesis House I, II and III), Coalition on Temporary Housing (COTS) and Peggy’s Place, as well as communities of faith, and houses of worship.  

The training consists of AIDS 101, anti-stigma sessions, and capacity development for planning and implementing faith based HIV prevention programs.

This curriculum is utilized at Ecumenical Theological Seminary, University of Michigan School of Social Work, and statewide NAACP Prison Branches. 

Hispanic/Latino/Latina Religious Leaders Training

GAA/GREATNES provides training sessions in English and Spanish for naturalized US 
citizens from Spanish speaking countries. These sessions have been held at the Consulate 
of Mexico and Hispanic/Latino houses of worship. These sessions, sensitive to the 
variations of translations and cultural nuisances, target religious leaders, congregation 
members, individuals and their families residing in the United States.