Testimony Tuesday: Celebrate Life

 Friends, I believe that God does not place a desire in someone's heart for it 
to be ignored. God has called a very special organization and it's founder 
Rosalind Worthy to raise awareness on a topic that to some people may be 
sensitive but necessary. I stand in agreement with Gospel Against AIDS and their 
efforts as they bless the body of Jesus Christ, and the community. The 
Bible says the people perish because of the lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6a). This 
is the reason that this organization has a mandate & has received specific 
instructions to teach others regarding the HIV and AIDS. 

In 1991 mom lost her youngest brother, my uncle, William Rivera, at the early 
age of 33 to this disease. My uncle lived in New York most of his life. He was 
an awesome man. He was a painting and drawing artist, he played basketball, 
weight lifted and just enjoyed sports and fitness. My uncle made decisions that 
forever changed and marked his life. Many times we didn't know where he was and 
a lot of his life is unknown to the family. When he came back to the family a 
short while later he was diagnosed with AIDS. He later moved to Puerto Rico and 
had the opportunity to play basketball for a Guayama, Puerto Rico team. He was 
also a comedian, had many friends and he lived life as if there was no tomorrow. 
He stayed in Puerto Rico and was treated there and went to be with The Lord in 
1991. This hurt all of our family, especially when many friends and family 
didn't want to come in contact with him. Amazingly, many chose not to attend the 
funeral for fear of contamination. So you see that's why I say awareness and 
instruction is important. 

Some may not be able to relate to this, but the reality is that HIV/AIDS is a part 
of our daily lives, and we all must confront the truth at some point.If we don't 
know what's taking place around HIV AIDS how will we be able to contribute to making it 
better? By raising awareness through GAA, the people will be informed and able to make life 
changing decisions. Our age does not disqualify us from being diagnosed with 
this disease. Friends, when we receive good news from someone we love dearly we 
get happy but sadly, when we get news regarding this matter we find ourselves 
incarcerated and lots of times angry at God because a friend or a love onehas 
been diagnosed with AIDS. There are lots of things that we are able todo to 
help the organization, Gospel Against AIDS. For instance sharing a testimony, 
opening doors at churches and community centers for them to share the 
information, financial assistance, sharing our gifts and talents etc. Silence
must be broken and awareness must be raised as we come together to make an 

Friends,when I was born I had an extensive medical history due to my diagnosis 
of cerebral palsybut my mom has shared with me, and she said that in spite of all 
that I was going through I always had a smile on my face. My dad has a song that 
says, "Praise The Lord in the good and when it gets worse praise Him too". Oh how 
good it is to know that negative news allows us to perform some of the best 
pieces of art some of the best piecesof music! It's those memories that 
remain in our hearts & minds forever. It's sad to know that at timeswe are 
more recognized when we are in the last days of our life or even gone. 

Today, I would like to encourage everyone by saying what I always say and that 
is, to celebrate life. Look to do all that you can do in lifebecause that is 
when the best chapters are written. The best contribution that we are able to 
give someoneis that we celebrate their life every way we possibly can when 
they are able to see it. You have been gifted to be a gift to someone that needs 
it. Tomorrow very well may be too late, so with this I say take a moment of 
reflection and celebrate The Lord and all that he has placed in you and through 
you.It's never too late to inspire and make an impact in someone's life by 
contributing in any way, shape or form. Although a person may no longer be 
with us, we can honor them, and pass on our experience and keep their flame 
alive by doing things similar to what Mrs. Worthy and team are doing. 
I pray you may be blessed with our story. And may The Lord richly bless this 

Hector L. Rosario