Testimony Tuesday: My Journey to GAA

My name is Rosanna Ramos. I was born and raised in Southwest Detroit, and I’m the youngest of four siblings. In our home we never spoke about God much less Jesus. Our single mother jumped in and out of many relationships looking for love in all the wrong places which left us kids pretty much neglected and to fend for ourselves. I would later turn to drugs, alcohol and gangs to fulfil my void.

When that didn't work I turned to sex, losing my virginity at 19 to a man who was living with AIDS, but never disclosed his status to me until after we had weeks of unprotected sex. Even after learning his status, I chose to continue to have unprotected sex for four months, presuming I was infected and that I was going to die anyway.

We chose to elope to prevent family and friends from finding out this devastating truth.The night before we were to leave, I had a dream that God spoke to me telling me to tell my boyfriend that I was not going with him.  At that time I didn’t know God could talk to me or even that He knew who I was. But I did do as He asked.  My boyfriend left and I stayed.

When I went to get my test results, to my surprise, they were negative. That was in 1997 andthey continue to be negative to this day. That was 23 years ago! I met up with GAA in 2004 and always wanted to help others who might have a reactive HIV test, to give them hope that God is still in the miracle working business and this is not a death sentence but a test for their testimony. There's nothing impossible for God. I pray as I'm out in the field, and I do have to give the news of a reactive test that God will send the Comforter through me, so they are encouraged to get help and make a difference. 


Blessings and breakthrough! 


Rosanna Ramos

GAA HIV Test Counselor and Outreach volunteer