Testimony Tuesday: "I couldn't do it Alone"

I’ve contributed to the GAA “Words of Wisdom” blog previously about HIV and nutrition. In that post, I mentioned the role that nutrition played in my recovery from alcoholism. Recovery from any disease rarely comes about solely on the merit of one's own efforts, and my case is no exception. Here is some of my story:

In 2011, my family convinced me to go to inpatient treatment in Atlanta, Georgia. In this facility I had the opportunity to recover both mentally and physically from the havoc drugs and alcohol had reeked on me. The professionals of the treatment center provided me with medical attention and daily counseling as I learned to live again. My treatment lasted 5 months, and the staff was there for me every step of the way (and I wasn't always easy to deal with!).

After treatment I realized that still much work was to be done if I hoped to achieve a full recovery from the disease of alcoholism; I had to heal spiritually. My family continued to support me, and I began attending meetings of a 12-step fellowship. I became actively involved in the fellowship and got a sponsor who helped me work the twelve steps. Through this work I regained my God-Consciousness, and my life hasn't been the same since.

Members of the fellowship are still some of my best friends, and we provide each other incredible support as we walk the road of recovery. I am who I am today because of His presence in my life, but also because of theirs. I couldn't do it alone.

Sam LaMantia